Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hello! Just a very quick post from me - I'm still alive! Apologies that I haven't been around - I moved to London a couple of months ago for a new job (exciting!) but had been, in essence, couch surfing until Sunday. As in two days ago. So I haven't had any time for nail art/blogging and also I've been living off about five polishes for two months (the horror!) and don't yet have any of my brushes etc. etc. with me. However, now I'm more settled I should hopefully have a bit more time on my hands/be able to get all my possessions sent to me and I will get back to blogging soon if I possibly can! 

Sorry for the surfeit of exclamation marks.

And to those of you who are still reading, thanks. :)


Friday, 7 March 2014

Morgan Taylor 'Little Misfit' Swatches & Review + Nail Art

* Product provided for review

Hello again! Today I'm reviewing the second polish I received from Morgan Taylor's Glam Rock collection, 'Little Misfit'*. If you missed 'Polished Up Punk', you can see it here, along with some information about the collection and the brand.

Before I start, I want to forewarn you that some of these photos are rather...unflattering. This polish was a rascal to photograph and I ended up contorting my hand into weird positions to try to capture it as best I could. 'Little Misfit' is described by Morgan Taylor as a 'Lavender and Aqua Duo-chrome' and it looks like this...

Monday, 3 March 2014

Morgan Taylor 'Polished Up Punk' Swatches & Review + Nail Art

* Product provided for review

Hello! I know I sound like a record stuck on repeat, but apologies yet again for being so absent. I've been away from home so much over the past month it feels like I've hardly been here...but things have settled down now, so here I am!

I was delighted to be contacted by Morgan Taylor recently and asked to review a couple of polishes from their 'Glam Rock' collection (which I believe was for Winter 2014). The Glam Rock collection is described as 'A mixture of funky metallic shades and glitters to bring out the rebel in you!' and consists of six polishes:

Left to right, they are:
Better in Leather – Black silver glitter
Little Misfit – Lavender and aqua duo chrome
Polished Up Punk - Navy crème
Pretty Wild – Lavender greige crème 
Rebel With A Cause – Deep burgundy pearl
Studs and Stilettos – Gunmetal glitter

If you're not familiar with the Morgan Taylor brand, here's a little blurb from the company:

'Morgan Taylor has been created by Gelish founders Danny Haile and David Daniel. The specialist formula is made from raw ingredients enhances finish, coverage and wear ensuring that not only your nails will look gorgeous but they will stay that way too!RRP £10.99 each from'

The polish I'm showing you today is the navy crème, 'Polished Up Punk'*.  I also received 'Little Misfit', the duochrome, so expect to see that one at some point in the near future!

'Polished Up Punk', two coats plus top coat

'Polished Up Punk' is a dark navy which appears blackened in some lights, but remains just on the right side of black - by which I mean that it is almost always discernibly blue and not black. I think its depth is more apparent in the nail art photos below. It's a very winter-appropriate colour and I always think these kinds of shades look especially foxy on short nails. I found the formula very nice: it was neither too runny nor too thick, spread smoothly and had great opacity - I used two coats plus top coat here, but you could conceivably get away with one if you were careful. I also really liked the shape of the brush, which is flat but not too wide (I know a lot of people can't stand super-wide brushes) and a sensible length. Please excuse the slight scuff marks in the above photos - my goopy top coat was responsible, not the polish itself! I didn't wear this manicure long enough to comment authoritatively on wear time, but I wouldn't expect any problems if worn with a good top coat.

Aaand I wouldn't feel like I was blogging properly if I didn't throw in some nail art, so...

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Burns' Night Nail Art/BPS Striping Tape Review

Hi friends! Just a quick post from me tonight - some Scottish-y themed nail art for Burns' Night and a wee review of this striping tape from Born Pretty Store. (Discount code at the bottom of the post, too!)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Baroque 'n' Roll | Nail Art

Bahahaha. Yes, that excruciating pun did just happen. I'm not even going to apologise for it.

Hello and Happy New Year! How I've missed my wee blog. November and December were really rather busy months for me and I ended up being away from home quite a bit, so sadly nail art had to take a back seat. I'd say it was a pretty productive time, though, and I'm looking forward to what 2014 will bring... I hope it will be a joyful, prosperous year for you all. :)

Nail art!