Friday, 7 March 2014

Morgan Taylor 'Little Misfit' Swatches & Review + Nail Art

* Product provided for review

Hello again! Today I'm reviewing the second polish I received from Morgan Taylor's Glam Rock collection, 'Little Misfit'*. If you missed 'Polished Up Punk', you can see it here, along with some information about the collection and the brand.

Before I start, I want to forewarn you that some of these photos are rather...unflattering. This polish was a rascal to photograph and I ended up contorting my hand into weird positions to try to capture it as best I could. 'Little Misfit' is described by Morgan Taylor as a 'Lavender and Aqua Duo-chrome' and it looks like this...

For these photos, I used three coats of Little Misfit on my pinkie and middle finger; one coat over black on my ring finger (which is how I preferred it, I think) and two coats over black on my index finger. I found the formula pretty sheer and felt it needed all three coats when worn alone. You can probably see it's a little brush-stroke-y, too, although I'm given to understand that that's relatively common for duochrome polishes and it is less obvious in person. Otherwise, Little Misfit was easy to apply and as I said before, I like the Morgan Taylor brush.

So awkward, I'm sorry!

I find that Little Misfit looks pinky-lavender most of the time, perhaps with a flash of green around the edges. Direct light seems to wash it out and makes it appear almost grey/silver at times (hence the photography issues), but the purple glow can be really strong away from the light. For me, the colour-shift on the nail is quite limited, thought not non-existent, and it's more the kind of duochrome that changes colour depending on the lighting situation/angle/if you look at your nails in a mirror (WHY?!). Also, the duochrome effect appears stronger when your hands are underwater, which is a plus for mermaids. I don't reeeally see any 'aqua', here, though, except perhaps at the very extremest of angles - it's basically purple/green.

Nail art!

I definitely think this design looks more striking in person and the oil-slick effect is actually pretty cool. 

Personally, although Little Misfit has grown on me, I still feel rather underwhelmed by it - I just don't think it lives us to the promo image, or to its description, really. It's fun, but not 'wow'. 

That's just me, though - what do you think?

If you're interested in this or any other polish from the Glam Rock collection, or from Morgan Taylor more broadly, you can find them at Sally's in the UK for £10.99...and probably elsewhere online if you're prepared to do a little rummaging!

Have a lovely weekend!


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