Thursday, 30 May 2013

Monochrome Circles + Rhinestones x Nubar Violet Sparkle

I'm back!  I've been suffering from a combo of busyness and bad weather, yeuch.  On to the nails!

I can't think of a remotely catchy name for these?!  What would you call that circular pattern?  Before I talk about how I created this design, I have to tell you how frustrating I found trying to capture Nubar Violet Sparkle on camera.  I've tweaked these photos a little  in an attempt to make them more colour accurate because no matter which settings I used, it appeared far too blue.  Eventually, though, I just had to accept that it would never look as amazing in my photos as it does in person: it is just far more intense and the sparkle is simply mesmerising, often with quite a strong magenta tone, even in relatively low light.  Sorry for gushing, but Violet Sparkle is such a true beauty and I wish you could all see it like I can!


For the patterned nails, I started with a base of black (Orly Liquid Vinyl).  Then, using my largest dotting tool, I added dots of white (Essie Blanc).  Getting them all a regular size (and shape, haha) and aligning them all properly was more difficult than I thought it would be - I started on my pinkie and almost abandoned the idea before I'd really begun, haha - but it did get a little easier as I settled into a rhythm.  I went in with the small end of the same dotting tool to add a black dot in the centre of each white dot.  My nails are not exactly the right size/shape to fit on a whole number of dots, but since I wanted the pattern to go right to the edges, I make the very wise decision just to plop the dots right over the the sides of my nails/cuticles and all over my fingers.  Good one.  Cleaning that up was great fun.

Shade picture for the sake of completeness...

While the black dots were still wet, I finished up by placing the purple rhinestones from the 1.5mm version of this wheel from using the pointy end of an orange stick, moistened by my tongue (creepy).  They look really purple while they're just chilling in the box, but they seemed quite pinky next to Violet Sparkle - which actually complemented the magenta-ness I mentioned earlier and pulled the whole design together rather nicely.  I let them settle briefly then sealed everything with top coat.

I'm really pleased I didn't abandon this idea!  Although the dots were not immaculate the effect I was going for was definitely there and I loved rocking some sparrrkle!  Also, I've just noticed that this matches my blog colours quite neatly, haha.  

What do you think?   Do you like a bit of bling?